Quality, Individualized Education

A safe learning environment where children with intellectual and developmental differences can thrive.

Board Certified Behavior Analyst on Staff

Minimum 6:2 Student-Teacher Ratio

Truly Individualized Instruction

Is Your Child Prepared for What’s Next?

Many children with intellectual and developmental differences are currently enrolled in a school that can’t provide them with the care they need while preparing them for what’s next. This often leaves them — and their families — feeling disconnected, unsupported, and sad about the lack of quality education options available.

When your child joins the Mainspring
Academy family, you can count on:

A quality, individualized education experience

Compassionate teachers in the classroom

Noticeable progress and growth

A Partner in Your Child’s Education

Your child — and family — deserves a committed, qualified, compassionate partner in their education.

At Mainspring Academy, it is our mission to be just that. We understand the challenges of finding a school where your child with intellectual and developmental differences can thrive. That’s why we’ve built a school that gives your child everything they need, including qualified teachers, registered behavior technicians, and even a board-certified behavior analyst. This way, you’ll not only get a partner in your child’s education, but also the joy and peace of mind that comes with knowing your child is right where they’re supposed to be.

“The staff here is incredible and truly care for the students! A tight, close-knit community that creates the perfect environment for children with special needs.”
“My son had attended this wonderful school for the past 3 years and it has answered our prayers! We are amazed at the progress we have seen for these 3 years that we did not find anywhere else!”

The Plan


Tell Us About Your Child

Share with us who your child is.


Tour Our School

Visit our school to learn more.


Schedule an Observation

We’ll observe your child in a classroom environment.


Watch Your Child Thrive!

If it’s a good fit, enroll your child and notice marked improvement.

Right Where They Belong

When your child is in the right school, you just know. At Mainspring Academy, we ensure every child receives one-on-one attention and a quality, individualized education from compassionate teachers so your child can get the most out of their time at school.

Enrolling at Mainspring Academy means you don’t have to worry about:


Whether you’re doing right by your child


An education that doesn’t fit your child’s needs


If your child is learning important life skills to prepare for adulthood


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