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“Dr. Waldrep’s skill is nothing short of a miracle. Overall, I’d
say he’s the best!” ~Walt

No Hospital Stay

No Hospital Stay

No Hospital Stay

Do You Struggle With
Your Weight?


Be one of the thousands of Dr. Waldrep patients who changed their lives with surgery!

Dr. Donald Waldrep is one of the finest surgeons around. He cares intently for each of his patients and clients. His innovative WRAP surgery for weight loss is brilliant and one of a kind, non-invasive and safe. I am honored to spread the word so that those in need of some assistance to get going in their weight loss, know who to call.

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Dr. Donald Waldrep

Dr. Donald J Waldrep, MD FACS, developed what has been called “a top tier bariatric surgery practice” in the US. Innovator of “The WRAP” – the new stomach re-shaping procedure revolutionizing weight loss surgery – Dr. Waldrep has successfully helped thousands of patients reach their weight loss goals.

Dr. Waldrep and his patients have been featured on NBC-TV, ABC-TV, E! Entertainment, USA, Sacramento Bee, the Ventura Star, and nationally syndicated health and weight loss specials.

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